Roof Drainage Systems Jefferson Wi

Roof Drainage Systems Jefferson Wi

A flat roof is not allowing the water to slide down freely, and this can create puddles and leaking during the rainy season. At Luedtke Plumbing, we specialize in installation and maintenance of roof drainage systems in Jefferson, WI.

What is a roof drainage system?

It is a structure dedicated to remove the excess water from a flat roof and keep the roof dry and clean. Water ponding for a long time on the roof may lead to various problems such as roof leaks or plant growth.

There are three types of flat roof systems and, based on your building, our specialists will advise which one fits better:

  • Internal Drains – most commercial buildings have drainage pipes inside the walls and under the roof. Usually, the intake of these pipes is placed in the middle of the building so that the roof’s slope will allow the water to be collected and removed. Before entering the pipe, water is filtered through a strainer to avoid pipes clogging.
  • Scupper – is an opening on the side of the flat roof’s walls allowing the excess water to move out of the roof. Water will be then collected in the gutters and then drained to the sewerage through downspouts. In case your building has no gutters or downspouts, you have to install scupper extensions so that the water will not reach the building’s foundation.
  • Gutters – are placed right under the roof’s edge to collect the excess water and to push it to sewerage through the downspouts. To be able to use this system, your flat roof needs to be slightly sloped so that water will get a natural flow towards them. Gutters have an open top and are accessible to debris, so regular maintenance and cleaning are required to keep them running correctly.

Problems with ponding water

Flat roofs are less expensive to build, and the initial installation cost is usually lower when comparing to a sloped roof. On the other hand, a flat roof will not ensure proper water drainage, and you have will to do regular maintenance.

Considering that roofs are not designed to hold water, in time, your roof may get damaged due to several adverse effects of the water ponding:

  • Your roof will collect dirt that allows the growth of vegetation
  • Water will act as a magnifying glass increasing the UV exposure and damage
  • Long term ponding can attract insects, grow mold or vegetation
  • Can cause structural damage to your building, etc.

Is a flat roof bad?

No, it is not when adequately maintained. You can save space in your building with a flat roof by installing, for example, your A/C units there or turning the roof into a storage area.

At Luedtke Plumbing, we have substantial experience in maintaining roof drainage systems in Jefferson, WI, and we can keep yours running for years. A flat roof is typically lasting 20-25 years, but when properly installed and maintained its lifetime can expand.

Roof Drainage Systems Jefferson Wi
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Roof Drainage Systems Jefferson Wi
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Roof Drainage Systems Jefferson Wi

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