Drain Repair Jefferson County Wi

Drain Repair Jefferson County Wi

Luedtke Plumbing is a thriving business of drain repair in Jefferson County, WI. With a story that lasts for 65 years now, we take great pride in being among the most trusted and deep-rooted companies to provide exceptional plumbing services, as proven by our track record.

Why do pipes burst?

If the water located inside a water pipe expands, it will get close to freezing. This will cause the pressure inside the pipe to increase until it rises so much that the pipe can no longer contain it, causing the water to rupture through the pipe. If your home or office is in the Jefferson County area, we will be the best option to assist you with your plumbing complications.

We will not only provide you with an expert plumber that you can genuinely rely on, but you will also make sure that our repairs and replacements will stand the test of time, as we believe in going beyond the call of duty. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you are looking to have your kitchen remodeled or if any of your pipes have burst.

How long do cast iron waste pipes last?

If we are talking about residential usage, cast iron pipes will roughly last around 50 to 75 years. That is, in fact, a long time, but the problem is that most homes are already moderately old and other factors will increase the speed of the pipe’s deterioration.

Whether you are facing a clogged shower drain or you need help installing your new toilet or sink, our services of drain repair in Jefferson County, WI, will are your ideal choice. Our residential services even include repairs on garbage disposals, gas pipes, and incinerators.

Enjoy our greeting’s special price that we offer to all our new customers. When requesting your first ever service from us, be delighted with 15 dollars off discount, if the total cost meets 150 dollars or more. With all our plumbing services, we can guarantee that you will get fair prices and a quick turnaround. Visit our local office to get more information or contact us via phone or through our website.

Can pipes freeze and not burst?

When the temperature drops to alarmingly low numbers, freezing pipes become a major concern. Not only can a pipe freeze instead of bursting, but it is also considered to be a common incident. The first symptom of a frozen pipe is when you start to notice a reduced flux coming from a faucet or shower. If there is no flux whatsoever, then the water is already frozen inside the pipes.

Our company is fully licensed and insured for your safety and ours. Despite our affordable rates, our priority is always to keep you and your living space clean and safe. Outside of our residential services, we also dispose of commercial plumbing services.

With Luedtke Plumbing, you can remodel your home, your restaurant, or even your apartment complex. We got you covered, as we offer the best and most reliable services for drain repair in Jefferson County, WI, since 1954.

Drain Repair Jefferson County Wi
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Drain Repair Jefferson County Wi
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Drain Repair Jefferson County Wi

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