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Repair Sewer Pipe Ventura

If you are a house owner and if you are looking to repair a sewer pipe in Ventura County, you most probably know how important it is to find a trusty plumber. At Kenz Plumbing, we have gained the trust of our customers, and we have built a good reputation over the years in fixing any leakages pipe-related problems.

Why does my drain keep clogging?

A broken pipe, debris or tree roots are all reasons why your drain keeps getting clogged. Some fast fix solutions may be available for you and may work for a while, but if the problem persists is better to call a plumber for an expert diagnosis.

Even if it is a minor problem, the plumber can advise you on how to maintain your pipes and how to avoid frequent backups. Healthy habits will save your money and will help you enjoy your house free of major repairs for a longer time.

Signs of a broken sewer line

A damaged pipe will give you several messages that something is going wrong, from a slow drain to a bad smell or mold growth. The most important thing is to “read” those messages on time and to call your specialist.

Would be better not to neglect or postpone to repair your sewer pipe in Ventura since the water infiltrations may lead to structural damages to your home. You have to remember that your sewer line is already damaged for some time when the signs are visible. So, what should you look for?

  • Frequent backups – If you experience a slow drain every time you flush the toilet, or you empty your bathtub, there is a possibility to have a sewerage blockage. Some of them are difficult to detect and will require a sewer video inspection
  • Bad smell – feeling a sewage smell inside your house or outside the building is an indication that the pipe is damaged somewhere. A sewerage system is airtight except for the vent stacks on your roof so you should never feel a bad smell
  • Mold growth – a leaking line running behind a wall will create a proper environment for the mildew and mold to grow
  • Pavement indentation – a broken pipe will wash away the soil supporting your pavement that in time will collapse
  • Rodent and insect infestation – rodents living in a sewerage system can find a way out through a small crack in the pipe

How do I fix a clogged pipe?

With no adequate equipment to identify the cause of the problem, it will be difficult for you to repair a sewer pipe in Ventura. It would be better to call a specialist who will not give only a temporary fix but will investigate to cause and will apply a long-lasting solution.

At Kenz Plumbing, we are aware of all the issues your drains may have, and we have the solutions to fix them. Regardless if it is just changing a valve or the complete piping, we aim to build a long term relationship and to gain a satisfied customer.

Repair Sewer Pipe Ventura
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Repair Sewer Pipe Ventura

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